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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Sleek Black Beauty is mine!

Well, mine and the credit union's. But they promised to let me ride it and shine it and enjoy it. I brought it home last night. For the sake of those folks Googling for it, the Sleek Black Beauty is my 2006 Yamaha Morphous scooter.

I really like it! It was 47 miles home last night from the dealer and after dinner at Red Lobster while we waited for the traffic on the interstate to subside. The scoot easily did 74 mph on the interstate and gained sppeed climbing the hill coming out of Weber Canyon that would have been almost unclimbable on my 150cc scoot.

Its smooth and accelerates from a stop like it has an electric motor. The mirrors don't shake. The headlight is terrific bright with an excellent beam and it lights up the road with great clarity and not much glare to oncoming traffic. Putting gas in it is a bit of a pain because the fuel filler is in the center hump between the floorboards, under a cover and down in a hole about 3 inches. SO putting in fuel the first time took a little fiddling. The handlebars were leaned back a little to far but I fixed that when I got home and adjusted the mirrors so I could see out of them.

It takes a tool to unscrew the dipstick and oil fill cap. The coolant reservoir is under the hood in front of the windshield but I have no idea how to access it. I also can not find the battery! I looked under covers under the seat and everywhere I could see from the outside tonight and could not find a battery anyplace. I'll be glad when the owners manual gets here from the dealer so I can find out how to maintain and service this critter.

I didn't yet buy a factory service manual but I will be soon enough. I have ordered the first bits of chrome for the Sleek Black Beauty, first, for the front, this bumperand for the back, this license plate holder with a center LED brake light. The original plate holder is cheap & tacky and holds 4 cheesy reflectors that need to go. Dragon Custom has a bunch of neat parts for the Morphous and I'll probably be sending my lunch money to them over the coming months.

So, I'm happy. This scoot is so much faster, smoother, quieter, (too quiet) than my Phantom that its hard to explain. I expect it will also be much more reliable which was the real problem I had with the Phantom. I expect to spend far more time riding and polishing on this scoot than I have spent over the past 3 years fixing and tinkering on the old one.

And, it has a name. Its going to be the Sleek Black Beauty. That's a partial reference to Car Talk's, Tommy Magliozzi's 65 AMC Ambassador convertible. Once I get some better photos, I think you will agree that the name is perfect.

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